Capstone Design Project

The culmination of every Rutgers MAE student's undergraduate academic career is the Senior Design Capstone Project. All that classroom learning gets put to real-life use as small groups work under one of our distinguished faculty members to design and build a device to accomplish a preset list of goals. Students present their projects in April/May of each year, often on Rutgers Day. Past projects have included a mechanical fish, unmanned aerial, ground, and naval vehicles, power generators, and so much more.

During this project, students have the opportunity to work with industry members as well as our faculty, gaining experience in real-world engineering. Many of these projects can lead to new technologies or other innovations outside of academia and they help our students transition to life after graduation. 

Sponsor a Senior Design Project

Academic Year 2023-24

Mechanical Engineering Projects for 2023-2024 (650:467/8)


Aerospace Engineering Projects for 2023-2024 (650:487/8)


Presentation for Senior Design Info Session


Academic Year 2022-23

Mechanical Engineering Projects for 2022-2023 (650:467/8)

Aerospace Engineering Projects for 2022-2023(650:487/8)


Academic Year 2021-22 

Mechanical Engineering Projects for 2021-2022 (650:467/8)

Aerospace Engineering Projects for 2021-2022(650:487/8)


Academic Year 2020-21

Mechanical Engineering Projects for 2020-2021 (650:467/8)

Aerospace Engineering Projects for 2020-2021 (650:487/8)

Design and Manufacturing EXPO 2021

Senior Design Project Group Assignments - Fall 2020


Academic Year 2019-20

Mechanical Engineering Projects for 2019-2020 (650:467/8)

Aerospace Engineering Projects for 2019-2020 (650:487/8)

Design and Manufacturing EXPO 2020


Academic Year 2018-19

Mechanical Engineering Projects for 2018-2019 (650:467/8)

Aerospace Engineering Projects for 2018-2019 (650:487/8)

2019 Expo: sign-up/RSVP form for Judges


Academic Year 2017-18

2018 Expo: sign-up/RSVP form for Judges