Rutgers' Student Team finalist of Bayer Big Ten Alka-Rocket Challenge

A Rutgers' student team has been selected as a finalist for the Bayer Big Ten Alka-Rocket Challenge. On November 8, four members of RUAlka will compete at the Space Center Houston against two other teams to attempt the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the Highest launch of an Alka-Rocket. CONGRATULATIONS RUAlka!! 

More information about this competition is available here.



RUAlka Team is composed by:

Abhishek Chopra: Aerospace Engineering, and Industrial Engineering (Junior) – May 2020

Anthony Pellicori: Aerospace Engineering (Junior) – May 2019

Rut Lineswala: Aerospace Engineering, and Mathematics (Junior) – May 2019

Matt Lesiw: Geology (Sophomore) – May 2020

Andrew Duffer: Aerospace Engineering (Junior) – May 2019

Jared Lal: Mechanical Engineering (Senior) – May 2018

Alexander Sanducu: Aerospace Engineering (Junior) – May 2019

Shawn Sheng: Electrical Engineering (Sophomore) – May 2020

Tanumaya Bhowmick: Aerospace Engineering (Sophomore) – May 2020

Bhavesh Narala: Mechanical Engineering (Senior) – May 2018


Please check out RUAlka video on youtube.