Graduate Degree Offerings

The graduate program in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering offers the degrees of M.Eng., M.S. and Ph.D. in an intellectually and academically stimulating environment. Our program takes pride in the collegial student-faculty relationships it provides and in its preparation of students for successful careers in industry, government and academia. Our current enrollment is about 180 graduate students. About 90% of our graduate students are enrolled on a full-time basis. Most of our full-time graduate students are supported by teaching or research assistantships, as well as by fellowships.

To accommodate the needs of our part-time students, who mostly work in local industry, each semester a few of our graduate courses are taught in the evenings. We have 28 internationally renowned faculty members in residence, who teach and conduct research on a broad range of topics. We loosely group the departmental research under the following banners: Design and Control; Solid Mechanics, Materials and Structures; Fluid Mechanics; and Thermal Sciences. In addition, several distinguished colleagues from other departments are affiliated with our graduate program. Rutgers is conveniently located in central New Jersey, with an abundance of social, cultural and recreational facilities. New York and Philadelphia are easily accessible by car, train or bus. The Rutgers MAE Department offers the following degrees in graduate study:

Master of Engineering (ME)

The Master of Engineering degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering is a terminal professional degree, designed primarily for professionals working in industry or government. The program requires the completion of 30 course credits and a project. A final oral examination and report based on the project is required.

The program includes both on-campus* and online-only options. Additionally, the School of Engineering offers a 4+1 BS/Master's degree that allows undergraduates to pursue an accelerated master's degree. 

On-campus ME Application

Online-only ME Application

BS/ME Application for current SoE undergraduate students

*All in-person students in the on-campus program can also take the online section of a course if available.

Master of Science (MS)

The program offers several broad areas of specialization. These include Design and Control; Fluid Mechanics; Mechanics of Solids, Materials and Structures; and Thermal Sciences. The Master’s program, however, allows and encourages a student to include in their program of study related courses from any of the areas of specialization and also relevant courses offered by other programs within the Graduate School. *Note:  All in-person students in the program can take the online section of any class offering it.* Learn more.

MS Application

BS/MS Application for current SoE undergraduate students


The doctoral research degree is offered in the field of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Students who are in the process or have already completed their master’s degree may apply for the program. *Note:  All in-person students in the program can take the online section of any class offering it.* Learn more.