Access to MAE Shared Labs

To request access to a shared laboratory, please fill out this Shared Lab Access Request Form. You need to fill out this form only once even when requesting access to multiple shared laboratories. If you need to request additional access to another shared laboratory at a later time, please submit another form.  

To gain access to a shared lab, you need the approval to return to Rutgers (COVID related) by an email from the Department. You also need the completion of the REHS training as well as familiarity with the specific guidelines for the lab/s you are requesting access to. If you are a student or post-doctoral associate under the supervision of a faculty member, please discuss your request with your advisor/supervisor prior to submitting this form. For visitors, please contact This form is for Rutgers personnel with Rutgers NetID. To request access as a Visitor, please email to Professor Zou (Laboratory Director)  

Shared Labs Calendars

Access to each individual shared space will be managed through a calendar as described in the table below:





Calendar Link

Additional Guidelines

Regular machine-shop (D-117)

Milan Simonovic



D117 Calendar


CNC machine-shop (D-119)

Basily Basily



D119 Calendar


Fume hood (D-142)

Jonathan Singer


D142 Calendar


Zebib lab (B-113)

Milan Simonovic


B113 Calendar


Pilot lab (RWH-115)

Yuebin Guo


RWH115 Calendar


Manufacturing lab (RWH-114) 

Yuebin Guo


RWH112 Calendar 


Metrology lab (RWH-112)

Yuebin Guo


RWH114 Calendar 


Buehler Aerospace Lab (RWH-119)

Laurent Burlion


RWH119 Calendar 


Robotics Lab (RWH 110)

Jingang Yi


RWH110 Calendar 


Packaging Lab (Tech Center)

Jennifer Lynch   Packaging Lab Calendar TBA