Professor DeMauro to Construct New Hypersonic Facility

Professor Edward DeMauro posing in front of a hypersonic chamber.

As part of a growing collaboration with Picantinny Arsenal, Rutgers University has been awarded $4.9M for a three-year project to design and construct a new hypersonic facility to be housed on Busch Campus.  This single-PI effort is led by Assistant Professor Edward DeMauro, who will also use these resources towards enhancing data collection within the existing Emil Buehler supersonic wind tunnel.  The new hypersonic facility, termed an “expansion tube,” will be one of only a few currently at universities within the United States, and the only hypersonic facility at a public university within New Jersey.  The current supersonic wind tunnel at Rutgers is of a “blowdown” design; although a Mach number of 3 is achievable, the temperatures in the tunnel drop to below freezing, which are not representative of atmospheric conditions.  This new facility will be designed to reach even higher Mach numbers at flow temperatures more relevant to hypersonic flight through the atmosphere.  When completed, this project will complement existing experimental and computational aerodynamics programs at Rutgers, create multi-disciplinary research opportunities among faculty, enhance our Aerospace Engineering program with exposure to experimental hypersonic aerodynamics, and provide service to the United States through enhanced interaction with Picatinny.