Engineering Welcomes New Faculty

For the academic year 2014-2015, Rutgers School of Engineering welcomes six new faculty members to mechanical and aerospace engineering, civil and environmental engineering, chemical and biochemical engineering, and electrical and computer engineering.

"Each of these new faculty members bring an exciting level of cutting-edge innovation and expertise to Rutgers Engineering," said Dean Tom Farris. 

Rutgers Engineering Welcomes New Faculty

Xiaoli Bai
Assistant Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
PhD, Aerospace Engineering, 2010
Texas A&M University

Xiaoli Bai’s research interests include space situation awareness and next generation space catalog problems; modeling, control, and analysis of Next Generation Air Transportation System; dynamics, control, and optimization for space systems, and aerospace systems. Prior to joining Rutgers, she was a research scientist at Optimal Synthesis Inc. in Los Altos, California, working with NASA Langley and NASA Ames on advanced research and development projects in the area of air traffic management systems. One consequence of her dissertation is a set of methods which significantly enhances and accelerates the fundamental processes underlying the creation and maintenance of space debris catalogs.