Question and Answers for Admitted Students

Class of 2024

BS in Mechanical Engineering and BS in Aerospace Engineering 


  • Looking into purchasing a good computer for school. Any suggestions on what kind and/or any specific requirements recommended for mechanical engineering?

    •  Recommend anything that can handle Windows which can have solidworks downloaded to it. There are also computer labs that have the programs you need!

  •  How do you go about studying sustainable energy/renewable energy engineering at Rutgers?

    •  There are a few energy classes available to take and can be used as your departmental electives. I've taken power plants and internal combustion engines which were two of my favorite classes.

  •  What other hands-on classes are there besides the ones listed for Mechanical Engineering? Do students have various opportunities to work on hands-on projects? 

  •  Can you revisit the mandatory courses page again? Also, are you able to have a concentration and also have a minor?

  •  How easy/difficult is it to take part in an internship in the summer after your freshman year for aerospace?

  •  Is there a 4+1 option for Aerospace Engineering?

  • At what point would you be able to make the choice to go into either astronautics or aeronautics for aerospace?

    •  The degree is in aerospace engineering that focuses on both astronautics or aeronautics. 

  •  If you mix and match will your diploma say the concentration of both or no concentration at all?

    •  You will receive a certificate in addition to your diploma if you complete 3 energy or 3 aerospace classes.

  •  If you wanted to go into renewable energy, would it be better to do mechanical engineering or environmental engineering?

    •  I think MAE offers a lot of diverse classes on energy that focus on the mechanics and manufacturing of energy systems. It all depends on what you are looking for in your career.