Prosenjit Bagchi

Prosenjit Bagchi


Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Office:ENG B-244
Office Hours: By appointment
Website: Computational Fluid Dynamics


Ph.D., Theoretical & Applied Mechanics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2002
M.Tech., Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, 1996
Bachelors, Mechanical Engineering, Jadavpur University, 1993

Research Interests

Professor Bagchi and his students are engaged in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling and simulation in the broad area of micro- and nano-fluidics, bio-fluid mechanics, multi-scale problems in fluid mechanics and biological flows, multiphase flows, particulate flows, interfacial flow, turbulent and complex flows, and rheology. The research is highly multidisciplinary in nature, and lies at the interface of transport phenomena, computational science, biomedical science, and physics. We develop our own computer models using state-of-the-art methodologies, and perform large-scale simulation and analysis on multiprocessor supercomputers to understand/discover new physical mechanisms underlying various complex biological phenomena at micro- and nano-scales. Examples of current research projects are:

(1) Microhydrodynamics of blood cells, capsules and vesicles,

(2) Cellular interactions in physiological and microfluidic scenario,

(3) Dynamics and rheology of cellular and deformable particulate suspension,

(4) Drug dispersion in blood,

(5) Multiscale modeling of active cellular motion.

Selected Publications

  • Balogh, P., and Bagchi, P. 2017. A computational approach to modeling cellular-scale blood flow in complex geometry. Journal of Computational Physics, 334C, 280-307.

  • Cordasco, D., and Bagchi, P. 2016. Dynamics of red blood cells in oscillating shear flow. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 800, 484-516.

  • Vahidkhah, K. & Bagchi, P. 2015. Microparticle shape effects on margination, near-wall dynamics and adhesion in a three-dimensional simulation of red blood cell suspension. Soft Matter. 11(11), 2097-2109.

  • Cordasco, D. & Bagchi, P. 2014 Intermittency and synchronized motion in red blood cell dynamics in shear flow. Journal of Fluid Mechanics . 759, 472—488.

  • Vahidkhah, K., Diamond, S.L., & Bagchi, P. 2014. Platelet dynamics in three-dimensional simulation of whole blood. Biophysical Journal, 106(11), 2529-2540.

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