February 2020

February 28, 2020
Dr. Ramendra Pal (PI), Professors Aaron Mazzeo (co-PI), Rajiv Malhotra (co-PI) and Francois Berthiaume (co-PI from BME) have received a DoD CDMRP Discovery Award to work toward a wearable device that administers cold plasma to enhance wound healing. The collaborative work focuses on studying the effectiveness of wearable patches that administer atmospheric plasma to pressure and diabetic ulcers on mice.
February 18, 2020
After winning Tournament Champions and the Design Award at the Widener University Competition, the Rutgers IEEE VexU Robotics team aimed higher after missing out on a World tournament spot. They traveled to Baltimore, Maryland to compete in the VexU Cardinal Classic competition. This time, they only brought one team, SKAR (Scarlet Knights at Rutgers), to compete. Of the over a dozen people who worked on the bots throughout the year, the team members who traveled to Maryland were Agam Modasiya, Akash Pathuri, Rakesh Warrier, Josh Chung, Karun Kanda and Damian Modzelewski

January 2020

January 30, 2020
The Rutgers IEEE VexU Robotics division competed in the Widener University Robotics tournament in Chester, Pennsylvania against teams from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. RIEEE brought two teams, SKAR (Scarlet Knights at Rutgers) and RUSK (Rutgers University Scarlet Knights) to this competition. The teams consisted of: • Tim Petersen, ECE-20’ • Israel Jackson, MAE-20’ • Agam Modasiya, MAE-22’ • Jack Lowry, ECE-23’ • Akash Pathuri, ECE-23’ • Rakesh Warrier, RBS-23’ • Josh Chung, CS-23’ • John Plaras, ECE-21’ • Haolin Jim, CS-23’ • Karun Kanda, CS-22’ • Felix Shames, ECE-22’

November 2019

November 22, 2019
Stephen Tse, professor and director of outreach in the School of Engineering’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, has waited patiently for years to run a series of experiments involving spherically-symmetrical flames known as “s-Flame” on the International Space Station. “It was a decades-long process to get these experiments to finally run,” he says. “The project was approved around 2002, but many things occurred which cancelled and delayed it. Now, in fall 2019, we finally get to see the experiments begin.”
November 1, 2019
MAE undergraduates, Catherine Nachtigal and Darrel Dsouza, both members of Professor Singer's Hybrid Micro/Nanomanufacturing Laboratory, have each been awarded the 2020 Academic Year New Jersey Space Grant Consortium Fellowship. Catherine will investigate differing methylcellulose morphologies after deposition via self-limiting electrospray and Darrel will be working on electrohydrodynamic oscillators for waste heat harvesting using pyroelectric material.

October 2019

October 7, 2019
Award supports development of software for design of floating offshore wind turbines
October 2, 2019
MAE UG students in RU3D, including Hari Vijayakumar and Brandan Dowling, participated in the Self-eSTEAMfest (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) community event at McKinley Community School in New Brunswick on September 28th. The goals of Self-eSTEAMfest was to connect the subjects the students are studying such as coding and mathematics and connect them with real-world careers. Hundreds of elementary students and their family from across the district attended the event.

September 2019

September 30, 2019
Professor Yogesh Jaluria delivered two invited Plenary talks at international conferences this summer. The first one was the 4th AIGE/IIETA International Conference and 13th AIGE 2019 Conference on Energy Conversion, Management, Recovery, Saving, Storage and Renewable Systems, organized under the joint auspices of AIGE (Italian Association of Energy Management) and IIETA (International Information Technology and Engineering Association) in Matera, Italy, during June 12-14, 2019. Matera was chosen since it has been designated as the cultural capital of Europe for 2019.