August 2016

August 16, 2016
The National Science Foundation has awarded to Professors Andrew Norris (PI) and Guoliang Huang, Carolyn Seepersad and Michael Haberman (Co-PIs) for supporting a project entitled "Dynamic Elastic media: Passive and Active non-Reciprocal Theory, Experiment and Design". This 4-year award starts August 15, 2016. Additional information is available at the NSF sites: NSF-award, NSF-News

July 2016

July 22, 2016
Professor Yogesh Jaluria was awarded the 90th Anniversary Medal by the ASME Fluids Engineering Division at the 90th Anniversary celebration of the Division for his seminal contributions to the discipline of fluids engineering. The celebration was organized to recognize the progress made in fluids engineering over the past 90 years, since the founding of the Division, and to honor leaders in the field for their outstanding contributions. The award and certificate were presented at the Fluids Engineering Summer conference, held in Washington, DC, in July 2016.
July 21, 2016
Words from the awarding committee: "[The program] had over 60 nominations from students across the campus and your nominations stood out among all the members of the selections committee! Seems to us that you are not only doing some great work within the School of Engineering and through the Mechanical Engineering Student Association, but you are also providing a world-class mentoring environment for many of your students." This award epitomizes the value of professionals’ (faculty, staff & supervisors) investment in mentoring students.

June 2016

June 29, 2016
Xiangyu Gong and students working with Assistant Professor Mazzeo published an article that is the first to describe soft rotating motors. These motors enable a new class of soft locomotion not found in nature, which is capable of withstanding impact, traversing irregular terrain, and operating in water.
June 6, 2016
Three MAE students, Justin Lareau, Michael DiBuono, and David Alston (not pictured), received Boeing Undergraduate Student Excellence in Leadership Awards presented by Peter Karpinski at Boeing's Facility in Ridley Park, PA. Rutgers Alumni Zachary Daroff, Jonathan Grova, and Juan Carlos Oliveros, along with Professors Bai and Mazzeo were present for the ceremony.
June 6, 2016
Prof. Doyle Knight taught two courses at the Northwestern Polytechnical University's School of Power and Energy in Xi'an, China, on May 23-27, 2017. The titles of the courses are "Compressible Turbulence" and "Energy Deposition for Flow Control". The courses were attended by undergraduate and graduate students and will be offered annually.
June 2, 2016
Dr. Bhattacharyya earned his Ph.D. from the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in 1994 under the guidance of Professor Weng. He joined UALR in 2002 as an associate professor. His research is in materials engineering with a focus on smart materials and thin films. The Department of Defense, NASA, the Department of Energy and NSF-EPSCOR have funded Bhattacharyya’s research for a total of about $1.3 million, and he is the author of nearly 90 publications.

May 2016

May 20, 2016
Sonia Modarres Razavi, a doctoral candidate (Advisor: A. M. Cuitiño) won the 2016 New Jersey Pharmaceutical Association for Science and Technology (NJPhast) graduate scholarship in recognition to her poster: "Toward predicting tensile strength of pharmaceutical tablets by ultrasound measurement in continuous manufacturing". These awards are being given to recognize excellence in graduate research in the fields of pharmaceutical science and pharmaceutical technology.