Liping Liu

Liping Liu


Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Phone:848-445-2390 x5935
Office:ENG A200
Office Hours: By appointment
Website: Liping Liu's Group


  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, 2006
  • B.E., Beijing (Peking) University, 2000

Research Interests

Mechanics, mathematics of materials including: Optimal bounds and optimal microstructures for multiphase composites, eshelby inclusion problems, predictive modeling of multifunctional composites, continuum theory for multiferroic materials, and multiscale analysis.

Selected Publications


  • L.X. Hu*, L. P. Liu, From atomistics to continuum: effects of a free surface and determination of surface elasticity properties, Mechanics of Material,submitted, 2015.
  • Z. Alameh, Q. Deng, L. P. Liu and P. Sharma. Using electrets to design concurrent magnetoelectricity and piezoelectricity in soft materials. Journal of Material Research, In press, 2014.


  • L. P. LiuFeasibility of Large-scale power plants based on thermoelectric effects. New Journal of Physics, 16, 123019, 2014.
  • L.P. LiuAn energy formulation of continuum magneto-electro-elastics with applications, J. Mech. Phys. Solids 63:451-480, 2014.
  • D. Qian*, L. P. Liu and P. Sharma. Flexoelectricity in Soft and Biological Materials,  J. Mech. Phys. Solids,62:209-227, 2014.
  • Y. Hanlumyuang*, L.P. Liu and P. Sharma. Revisiting the entropic force between fluctuating biological membranes? J. Mech. Phys. Solids, 63:179-186, 2014.
  • L. P. Liu. A differential approach to microstructure-dependent bounds for multiphase heterogeneous media. Accepted to Acta Mechanica, 225, 1245-1266, 2014.
  • L. P. Liu. Geometries of minimum field concentration. Mechanics of Materials, 75, 95-102, 2014.
  • L. X. Hu* and L. P. Liu. Interfacial waves with surface elasticity. ASME J Appl. Mech, 81, 081007, 2014.


  • P. Mohamad*, L. P. Liu, Pradeep Sharma, R. V. Kukta. Surface Energy, Elasticity and the Homogenization of Rough Surfaces, J. Mech. Phys. Solids 61325-340, 2013.

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