Gregory Schneck

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Director of Strategic Programs at EOIR Technologies
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Started work as a weapons designer for the US Army Research Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC) the Department of Defense's (DoD) center for lethality. As an ARDEC project manager in 1995, he started the private venture Performance Proven Products (3PI). He left ARDEC in 2000 to assume fulltime CEO position with 3PI, which had grown to encompass three subsidiary companies.
In 2003, he sold 3PI and accepted a program manager position with the DoD's Fire Control Systems and Technology Directorate (FCS&TD). The XM982 Excalibur precision guided projectile was Mr. Schneck's final FCS&TD program for which he earned a patent. Mr. Schneck is currently the Director of Strategic Programs for EOIR Technologies.
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