Emil Buehler Aerospace Lab

The new Emil Buehler Aerospace Lab is a two-story testing space for drones and aerospace projects.

The lab is housed in Richard Weeks Hall of Engineering, the School of Engineering's new interdisciplinary facility. The building is a vital addition to the School of Engineering, anchored on the Busch campus and serving as a gateway for the engineering community, industry partners, and the public.

The new building features collaborative work spaces, smart classrooms, living laboratories, and dedicated student space. Weeks Hall is named in honor of 1950 alumnus Richard N. Weeks who chairs Weeks Marine, one of the leading marine construction, dredging, and tunneling firms in the United States and Canada. 

Emil Buehler was an aviation visionary, architect, and engineer dedicated to advancing aircraft travel. His accomplishments include reconfiguring a twin-engine Piper aircraft to allow higher speed, operating a school of aeronautics at New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport, supervising the construction of the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, and funding the construction of a supersonic wind tunnel.