MAE at Rutgers

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Rutgers was founded in 1908 with a focus on driving the country’s industrial growth. Aerospace Engineering was added in 1965 as a certificate program with a full degree program established in 2015. It is now the only Aerospace Engineering degree offered among New Jersey's universities. With more than 30 full-time faculty members, the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department educates more than 600 undergraduate students and more than 200 graduate students. Excellence in both teaching and research is the top priority for our faculty.

Academic Programs

Bachelor of Science Degree

At Rutgers, mechanical engineering is about learning how to conceive new ideas and bring them to life through design and manufacturing. Find out more>>

Master's and Doctoral Degrees

We offer multiple graduate fields of study, as well as a combined bachelors/master’s program in several broad areas of specialization. Find out more>>

MAE News

The ARMY PEO Soldier program has awarded Professor Assimina Pelegri and Professor Ioannis Chasiotis (UIUC) a research contract or unveiling the origins of failure initiation...
Prof. Alberto Cuitino has been elevated to the level of Fellow by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
The National Science Foundation has awarded to Professors Andrew Norris (PI) and Guoliang Huang, Carolyn Seepersad and Michael Haberman (Co-PIs) for supporting a project...