Professor Yogesh Jaluria publishes a new book on Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing

Professor Yogesh Jaluria has just published an advanced book on materials processing. The title of the book is "Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing." It is published by Springer Publishing and is in their Mechanical Engineering Series. The book has the flavor of a monograph in the area of manufacturing. However, since the fundamental aspects are covered in detail, it can also be used as a text or reference book for elective courses and as a reference for engineers and researchers.

This book focuses on advanced processing of new and emerging materials, and advanced manufacturing systems based on thermal transport and fluid flow. It examines recent areas of considerable growth in new and emerging manufacturing techniques and materials, such as fiber optics, manufacture of electronic components, polymeric and composite materials, alloys, microscale components, and new devices and applications. The book includes analysis, mathematical modeling, numerical simulation and experimental study of processes for prediction, design, and optimization. It discusses the link between the characteristics of the final product and the basic transport mechanisms and provides a foundation for the study of a wide range of manufacturing processes. The following link gives further information on the book.