Professor Jaluria Honored with Prestigious Award

Professor Yogesh Jaluria was honored with the prestigious Averroes Award by the International Conference on Materials & Energy (ICOME'23), held during May 30 - June 1, 2023 in Caserta, Italy. This award is named for Averroes (Ibn Rochd), a European intellectual, born in Spain, died in Morocco, who was a philosopher, a theologian, a lawyer, a mathematician and a 12th century Andalusian doctor. The award honors outstanding research contributions of a scientist, who has been an inspiration and mentor to young researchers in the fields of energy and materials. Professor Jaluria also presented the opening plenary talk entitled, “Convective Transport in Channels due to the Combined Effect of Shear and Imposed Pressure,” which discussed the fundamental and applied aspects of an important flow circumstance that has not been considered in detail in the literature. It brought out several interesting practical problems and flow regimes, resulting in substantial discussion and interest.