Mechanical Engineering Degree

At Rutgers, mechanical engineering is about learning how to conceive new ideas and bring them to life through design and manufacturing.  Students acquire basic principles in design, analysis, and modeling of physical components and processes, while building core knowledge in fluids, thermal, and structures.

Are you interested in finding new ways for producing sustainable, clean, and affordable energy; developing innovative technologies for improving health, designing innovative prosthetics, developing the new generation of 3D printers, or building original robots? Virtually every object around us has passed through the hands of a mechanical engineer, making this field of engineering one of the most broad-based and extending into a wide range of industries, including robotics, energy generation and distribution, advanced manufacturing, automotive, aerospace, naval, materials development, pharmaceuticals and mechanobiology, and much more.

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Mechanical Engineering Degrees Offered

  • BS
    • Concentrations: Aerospace and Energy 
  • BS/BS Five-Year Dual Degree
  • BS/MS Five-Year Dual Degree
  • BS/MBA

ME Highlights

  • Among top 50 graduate engineering programs (USNWR rankings).
  • Leading–edge facilities include rapid-prototyping facilities and multi-material 3D printer.
  • Design and manufacturing experience begins in sophomore year.
  • Home to the Emil Buehler Supersonic Wind Tunnel.
  • Rutgers Formula Racing Team competes nationally.

ME Hands-On Experience

  • Students have access to state-of-the-art equipment in nearly 20 advanced labs and centers to apply their classroom learning in creating designs and conducting experiments.
  • Internships provide practical professional experience in business and industrial settings.
  • Students work in teams on culminating senior design projects, putting classroom learning to real-life use.