[March 23, 2020] Remote Connectivity

Assimina A. Pelegri, PhD

Professor and Undergraduate Director

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering



March 23, 2020

Dear ME and AE students,

I hope my email finds you in high spirits and not defeated by the online experience  I know, it’s a bit challenging but I assure you that we are collecting feedback and we are addressing all the issues as soon as possible.  For now, I have a few recommendations for you.

Today we finished the first day of online instruction. Although most of it was uneventful, there were a few hiccups.  For example, a lot of your colleagues had their cameras on wasting valuable speed and bandwidth, others had their microphones on so we could all be entertained with their background music etc.  More importantly some did not know how to connect, or could not find their classes.

I understand that everyone is sending you a lot of information right now on how to connect etc.  We put everything in one page for your ME and AE  classes in order to avoid the above issues.  Go to: https://mae.rutgers.edu/where-is-my-mae-class

for the schedule and the meeting place of your class.  All the links are live and they should directly take you to class at the predetermined time.

Furthermore, if you have connectivity issues, for MAE classes we have made an one page, that is 10 minutes max reading time, to guide you on how to connect.  Please read it carefully and practice it step by step before you go to class.  Practice makes it perfect.  You can find the document on the left-hand frame in the page above or you can go directly there via


Please read the instructions above! These are very specific to the MAE classes and is all you need in order to connect to your online classrooms.

We are in it together!

Warm wishes,

Professor Pelegri

MAE Undergraduate director