[March 12, 2020] Guidelines for MAE Students

Assimina A. Pelegri, PhD

Professor and Undergraduate Director

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering




March 12, 2020

Dear ME and AE students,

First, let me thank you for your patience and your understanding in navigating this troublesome situation with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  Although our lives (academic and personal) are affected by the measures Rutgers is taking to limit the potential spreading of the virus on our campuses, the MAE department is taking the following measures to ensure the successful continuation of your studies.

All Undergraduate Students

  1.  Online Instruction for the following dates: March 23rd-April 3rd.
  2. Laboratory instruction is suspended until in-person instruction commences. Upon return to the campus, the department will double the allocated time periods in order to accommodate makeup labs for finishing the pertinent courses on time for graduation.
  3. Absence from all instructional 650:xxx laboratory courses on Wednesday, March 11th is excused.  Students who missed in preparation returning home will have to make up the labs upon their return to campus.
  4. Undergraduate research (6650:299/399/499)  please contact your advisors for alternate project completion (perhaps including literature review or other means of scholarship for your undergoing research).

The items above assume a return to campus on April 6th. In case that we will not return to in-person instruction after April 6th further directions for the items, 1-3 will be provided.  Undergraduate research (item 4) should be altered to account for both scenarios, that is, a continuation of on-line instruction or return to in-person instruction.

JJ Slade Scholars

Please contact your advisors for project completion. The Undergraduate Office has already requested alternate plans of project completion and current research status from your advisors. (Since it is a limited interest item I will send you a separate email with status reports to all interested parties).

Senior Students

Design and Manufacturing II (650:468) and Aerospace Projects II (650:488). The below plan applies whether we return or not on campus on April 6th.

  • The students will have to contact their advisors in order to make a plan of action for the completion of the project and establish new metrics to reflect the changes in the final deliverables (per SAKAI announcement of March 10th).
  • Student Mock-Expo is canceled. Instead, the students will prepare a pptx presentation of ~6 slides presenting alternate completion of their project.  The presentation will be due on Friday, March 27th. (Instructions will be posted on SAKAI.)
  • For the projects that the groups, in consultation with their advisors, elect to have a working prototype, the deadline is now moved to Thursday, May 14th.
  • The deadline for the final report is moved to Thursday, May 14th.
  • The posters are canceled.
  • Videos are optional (without affecting the grades of students who do not wish to do them).
  • The Undergraduate Student Expo will be replaced by a VIRTUAL Undergraduate Student Expo.  This event will take place online.  It will require a 10 min/group time commitment on Wednesday, May 13th which will be done remotely via WebEx. (Details will be posted on SAKAI).

The above are scheduled so that you don’t miss the May 16th graduation date.  If you have any questions or concern(s) please feel free to contact me via email at pelegri@rutgers.edu or to contact your professors or your academic advisors https://mae.rutgers.edu/student-advising.

Please follow the recommended health and virus prevention guidelines. For the ones who are leaving the campus please stay safe.  I am looking forward to seeing you soon.

Warm wishes,

Professor Pelegri

MAE Undergraduate director