Engineering Robotics Laboratory

Recent advances in machine learning – personal robots, automatic cars, and even brain-controlled prostheses – have set the stage for robotics to make real and meaningful advances to our quality of life. The Robotics Lab provides space and infrastructure for research and development for enhanced systems ultimately impacting manufacturing, agriculture, elder assistance, home automation, vehicle automation, and more. Located in Richard Weeks Hall of Engineering, the lab is a multi-disciplinary space that provides students and faculty a dedicated space for collaboration and innovation.











Faculty Conducting Robotics Research

Jingang Yi (MAE): Autonomous vehicle and robotic systems, physical human/robot interactions, mechatronics, automation science and engineering with applications to civil infrastructure, oceanic and manufacturing systems. Currently, Dr. Yi and the students work on various exciting research projects, such as sensor-based tire/road interaction modeling and control, human-inspired safety-preserved agile vehicle maneuvers; autonomous motorcycles/bicycles; unstable physical human/robot interaction (upHRI) and rehabilitation robotics, autonomous robots for automated non-destructive evaluation and rehabilitation system for bridge decks, and robotic biological sampler system for the autonomous underwater gliders, etc.