Ellis H. Dill

Ellis Dill

Professor Emeritus

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Email: dill@rutgers.edu
Office:ENG B-246
Office Hours: By appointment
Website: Ellis H. Dill


  • Ph.D., Structural Mechanics, University of California, 1957
  • M.S., Civil Engineering, University of California,1955
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, University of California, 1954

Research Interests

  • Foundations of Field Theories: Inquiry into the fundamental concepts of mechanics, thermodynamics, and electromagnetism of materials based on a continuum model.
  • Mechanics of Solids: The solution of the equations of the theory of elasticity, plasticity, and viscoelasticity by direct, approximate, or numerical methods.
  • Beams, Plates and Shells: Study of the basic equations of the linear and the nonlinear theory and their solution, including vibration and buckling

Selected Publications

  • Specific Heats of Fluids and Elastic Solids. (January, 2013); PDF file
  • (Book) The Finite Element Method for the Mechanics of Solids with ANSYS Applications. CRC Press, 2011. ;  Errata.pdf      ANSYS Version 13.pdf
  • Representation of vector-valued hemitropic functions of a symmetric tensor and a vector. (December, 2009); PDF file
  • Buckling of Rods in Bending and Torsion (August, 2009); PDF file
  • Material Symmetries (September, 2008) [replaces section 2.2 of my book on Continuum Mechanics]; PDF file
  • (Book) The Finite Element Method for the Mechanics of Solids. 
    Rutgers University, 2009. (replaced by my 2011 book)
  • (Book) Continuum Mechanics: Elasticity, Plasticity, Viscoelasticity. CRC Press, 2007; Errata.pdf
  • (Book) Introduction to Continuum Mechanics. Erudition Books, 2001.
  • Kirchhoff's Theory of Small Strains but Large Rotations. 
    Rutgers University, Center for Computational Modeling of Aircraft Structures, Report 96-1, 1996. PDF FILE
  • On the Dynamics of Flexure and Stretch in the Theory of Elastic Rods. 
    (with B. D. Coleman and D. Swigon). 
  • Arch. Rational Mech. Anal. 129(1995):147-174.

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